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We set up Variant Perception to solve our own investing needs.  Most investment strategy and economic research we read was highly idiosyncratic and dependent on a guru or some strategist with a crystal ball.  While they occasionally got some big calls right, they also missed others and their process was opaque or non-existent.  We set out to create tools that were robust, repeatable, and scalable that do not depend on any one-off insights from gurus.

When we founded the firm, we wrote a research road map to provide tools to clients: leading economic indicators that are robust and work across countries, debt and currency crises tools that predict banking and foreign exchange crises, behavioral buy/sell signals for asset classes, and for equities robust quantitative and fundamental models for companies and industries that add value. All of these are based on sound research and have proved themselves over a decade in the real world.” 

By Jonathan T, Founder

Leading Indicators: How? Why?

How does VP use leading indicators? 

Why do leading indicators work?

What's the Catch?

If VP's tools and research is so good, why not just manage money?

If VP's framework is truly data-driven, why do you even need analysts?

How can you cover asset classes across the globe without numerous analysts?

When does this not work?

Who is Variant Perception for?

Who is Variant Perception for?

Who is Variant Perception not for?

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