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Variant Perception is a leading independent investment research provider that equips money managers, both institutional and individual, with actionable investment advice.

Not satisfied with the state of economic research, we set out to build our own set of tools that answered the questions we had about financial markets, asset allocation and asset management.

Our perspectives are often those of outsiders, and that’s probably for a reason.  We’re an eclectic group of people.  Our team is a mix of veterans from Wall Street, NASA and the military.


Institutional Managers

Our proprietary leading indicators generally have a 6-12 month lead on economic and market cycles, helping you identify medium-term buying and selling opportunities. Whether you’re a pension fund, endowment, or corporation, our tools will help you to avoid drawdowns during recessions and major market turns. We focus only on the most asymmetric opportunities or potential blow-ups to maximize returns.

Hedge Funds

Whether you are a macro PM or an equity long/short hedge fund, we’re guessing you’re short on time. Variant Perception offers easy-to- digest reports, heavy on powerful charts that help you identify the best risk/reward investments. Our Thematic papers by industry or country, alert you to the most pressing macro trades and hedging opportunities.

Family Offices

Many Family Offices see us as an outsourced CIO – we help you digest the global macro picture in succinct reports. Our research surveys the G20 economies and markets, alerting you to the sectors or countries most worthy of your attention. Generalists by nature, we cut through the noise of macro to identify only the most compelling investment opportunities.

We find VP’s highly creative forward-looking crunching of macro-economic data for the purpose of forecasting future turning points and trends in financial markets highly useful. VP provides research that has a genuine claim on both originality and practical value – in other words, the rare kind of research that is almost certain to pay for itself, because it will really help your investment process. Readers should definitely check it out

-The Acting Man

As someone who is constantly monitoring the macro landscape, I find Variant Perception to be a great resource in getting a quick high level view of global markets. In addition to this big picture view, they are also very good at drilling down into more detail on specific themes and market drivers they find compelling. US Dollar strength and Turkish Lira weakness are just two examples of specific themes where they were amongst the earliest to call in 2018.

-Santiago Capital


In this report, we show graphically the dampening impact of central banks and short volatility strategies on financial markets. While the effects of volatility compression have been clear, we believe the underlying mechanisms by which volatility is generated have not been changed.

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