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Not satisfied with the state of economic research, we set out to build our own set of tools that answered the questions we had about investing, financial markets and asset allocation.

Our proprietary leading indicators generally have a 6- to 12-month lead on economic and market cycles, helping to identify asymmetric investment opportunities.

We offer easy-to-digest reports that are equipped with powerful charts. Clients want insights, not PDFs.

You’d like referrals? Why in the world do I want my competitors getting your insights and trading ideas?

-London hedge fund

This is me pounding the table that you should subscribe to this. VP was recommended to me a year ago by someone whose recommendation carries a lot of weight with me and I’ve been super impressed with the quality of the work and, more importantly, the accuracy of their calls. No brainer.
-Greenwich hedge fund

As someone who is constantly monitoring the macro landscape, I find Variant Perception to be a great resource in getting a quick high-level view of global markets. In addition to this big picture view, they are also very good at drilling down into more detail on specific themes.

- San Francisco hedge fund

The Next Commodity Supercycle

We are on the cusp of a new commodity supercycle…

The long era of monetary-policy dominance is over, leading to a heightening of inflation risks not seen since the 1960s. Investors are deeply underweight and will need real assets such as commodities as a hedge against inflation. Commodities are generationally cheap, both compared to themselves and to other assets…

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