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The Variant Perception Cookbook 

The best cookbooks are not how-to manuals; rather they offer inspiration to enhance one’s own cooking.
When readers pick up a copy of Noma, A Day at El Bulli or Alinea, they expect insights and not "bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes".
Nobody gave us a "how-to-manual", but we have drawn inspiration from countless others in developing VP's analytical framework.
This is our cookbook.
We highlight 5 tools and 5 principles key to VP's process.
VP Tools
US & China Leading Indicators
A roadmap for global growth
VP Recession Signal
A real-time tool to protect capital and aggressively buy dips
Liquidity Indicators
A proven lead on the price growth of equities and commodities
Volatility Regimes & Trend-Following
A regime indicator to rotate between risk vs safe assets
Diffusion Indicators
A cleaner signal from trends in subcomponents
VP Principles
Think in Regimes
Reflexive feedback loops can occur very quickly
Seek Turning Points & Divergences
Extremes occur when market consensus is strong and leading indicators turn
Respect the Cycle
The best returns start from a point of discomfort, disgust and capital starvation
Be Data-Driven
Leading indicators tell us where to hunt and help drill down to single- names
Invert the Problem
Avoiding losers and blowups is a great way to improve a portfolio
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The VP Principles Cookbook
The variant perception cookbook part 2 preview image
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Part 2: Tactical Tools
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Part 3: Asset Allocation
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