The most compelling global themes, every month

Your time is precious – you want an overview of global markets that cuts through the noise and highlights relevant emerging themes. No country-specific analysts here, simply the top themes across geographies and asset classes.


Around the world in 15 minutes

Want a quick rundown of what our leading indicators are saying? This monthly ‘dashboard’ highlights our proprietary country and sector-specific leading indicator forecasts, both on the economic and liquidity side.


Timely trading and positioning updates, weekly

Our Weekly tracks the evolution of our tactical trading and portfolio positioning ideas as they arise. This publication alerts you of any pressing updates to our themes.



The big stories, the best opportunities

Big stories don’t follow a timeline. We’re always on the hunt for the next big investment idea – we’ve covered shale, biotech, Australian housing, China, the euro breakup, and many others before they played out. Thematics often include on the ground due-diligence to complement our top-down analysis.

Conference Calls

Connect directly with our Partners

Get direct access to our team of Research Partners with our monthly conference calls, open to all clients. In these 30 minute calls, you’ll hear us review our best macro themes and have a chance to ask any pressing questions.


White Papers that demystify macro drivers

Key investment philosophies shouldn’t be opaque. We’ve laid out the way we look at the world for our clients, so they can trust and understand our approach.


Variant Perception exists to provide clients with high-value investment themes and actionable trades. We know your time is precious, so we only write about the most compelling themes that will help you make real returns – no economic analysis for its own sake.

Our institutional offering is divided into three broad categories, allowing investment managers to quickly identify the ideas and analysis most relevant to them. These categories focus on leading economic and liquidity indicators, broad macroeconomic themes, and the tactical analysis of market dynamics. Clients have access to all publications and monthly conference calls.

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VP Leading

Published monthly, our Leading Indicator Watch is a roundup of our proprietary leading indicator forecasts within the G20.

Leading Indicator Watch – economic and liquidity indicators arranged by country and in-depth analysis of the US economy by sector including: employment, wages/inflation, housing, consumption, autos, lending/borrowing, recession watches, as well as volatility, credit spreads and the capital cycle.

VP Macro

Global macroeconomic trend and market analysis, based on our leading indicators.

Thematics – Breaking in-depth views on our best investment ideas or yearly themes, released as the opportunity arises.

Monthly – Published at the beginning of each month, a detailed look at themes and trends in the global economy and markets.

VP Weekly Update

Short-term portfolio positioning and trade ideas. Tracking of ongoing themes as they develop. Published weekly.

Weekly Update – A report highlighting a broad suite of tools developed by Variant Perception, helping traders and money managers identify short-term and medium-term opportunities using sentiment and positioning analysis.

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