Career Opportunities

Variant Perception works with the most sophisticated investors and funds. We are a small team by design and our investment philosophy is "man plus machine beats man or machine alone". 

Our investment process is empirical and repeatable, which means we use a lot of data and build code-based models to scale our research to cover many markets and asset classes. We are known for building innovative models and producing outstanding analysis.

We follow a rigorous and repeatable process across all business functions. We are always looking for self-motivated individuals to join the team. If you can add value in client relations, research or engineering, please email us at Send us your resume and be specific about how you can add value.

Software Developer

We are looking for a developer to help us scale.  Formal experience in finance is helpful, but a passion for investing is the key.

Your role on the team

  • Develop our client portal further. We want to make our tools, analysis and research more widely available and easily accessible to all clients.
  • Help maintain and grow our data engineering and data science capabilities. 
  • Work with analysts to build and deploy new investment models, or convert existing ones from Excel, VBA and R to python.

Are you a good fit?

You believe it's possible to understand and anticipate markets. You will not like this job if you believe in efficient markets.

We have big goals for our team and rely on each other to achieve them. To be successful at VP you must be self-motivated, have trust in teammates, be forgiving of mistakes, be open-minded and above all enjoy figuring out problems – often from scratch.

There are many projects in the pipeline, each requiring new skills. You should enjoy continuous learning.

Valuable skills and experience:

  • Build/Deploy (git, Github Actions, Docker, Kubernetes, and AWS/Cloud ecosystems)
  • Web technologies (React, Angular, Typescript, Serverless/AWS Lambda)
  • Data Engineering (SQL, Postgres, Snowflake ecosystem, Airbyte)
  • Data Analysis (Python, Pandas, Dask, R, statistical/ML packages)

How to apply

To apply, please email with your CV and a brief description of how you can bring value to Variant Perception.  Please be specific. Compensation will be competitive.