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The Importance of Equity Duration

We have seen much commentary that if US 10y yields go back to 2.5% or 3.0%, then equity markets suffer.  We prefer a different way to looking at the problem.  The key is what inflation is doing alongside any move in nominal yields. The below chart shows the % of the...

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What to read to learn about macro?

I often get approached by university students or graduates asking me what books they should read to learn about macro or investing. I don't have a definitive answer, but I can share some books that have heavily influenced my personal journey. In general, I have found...

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Wage Pressures Building

Our US leading indicators point to higher wage growth as employers pay up for better quality labour in the wake of the pandemic. A nascent rise in trade-union density suggests the wind is changing and that we may see more structural inflation risks coming from the...

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US Overheating Risk

The Zarnowitz Rule states that the steeper the downturn, the sharper the upturn. This was on hold while Covid-related restrictions were in place, but now we should expect to see it in full flight, turbocharged by fiscal stimulus. Overheating risks are rising The US...

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Reflation Sensation

Bloomberg and Google news trends show reflation headlines are everywhere. Widespread coverage is typically a sign that trends are starting to exhaust and that markets are due for a period of consolidation, before the next leg higher Our growth and liquidity LEIs...

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Tracking the US’s Labour Market Recovery

The US labour market has pockets of tightness. However, it’s unlikely we’ll see rapidly rising household inflation-expectations until we see higher low-skilled wage growth and rising ex-transfer incomes Our indicators show that at this relatively early stage in the...

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Too Early for a New Dawn in the UK

The UK’s successful vaccination programme has fuelled speculation of a rapid recovery. However, barriers to post- Brexit trade and a slow easing of lockdown restrictions pose serious risks. It is premature to suggest UK underperfomance is over After a wobbly start to...

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