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Upside Inflation Risks Favour the Value Investor

“All investing is value investing” according to Charlie Munger, with today’s market continuing to offer more value from the mispricing of existing company assets relative to growth assets. Firstly it is important to point out that exceptionally cheap value stocks are...

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Breadth and Level of Stock P/E’s Remains High

The overvaluation from long-term averages for US stocks in recent years has been well known to equity investors. Unfortunately, valuations give you no information on timing - they tell you how far you’re likely to fall, but not when. The virus, specifically the “cure”...

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Brazilian Equities: Pricing in the Bad News

Brazil has so far avoided an aggressive national lockdown, but is nonetheless at the mercy of unprecedented demand destruction in developed markets and the collapse in global commodity prices. With the Bovespa losing 50% of its value in USD terms, the bad news, and...

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False Dawns [VIDEO]

In this video, recorded Friday April, 24th, we discuss bear market rallies. What is the relationship between the market and the economy, and is this a bear market rally or the dawn of a new bull market?

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What CDS Markets are Discounting

While equities and commodities have collapsed, alongside widening corporate credit spreads, sovereign CDS have not reacted to the coronavirus crisis as might be expected. CDS spreads have widened, but current spreads pale in comparison to the 2008 financial crisis...

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