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Profit Cycle Turning Down

The corporate profit cycle is now turning down, and our leading economic indicators point to further declines in return on equity (ROE) and profit margins.  This is not a short-term call on equity markets but a major structural factor investors should bear in mind in...

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Market health warnings

Variant Perception keeps clients informed of market themes, trading strategies and tactics.  For example, here is something we wrote for clients on August 12th before the recent market correction. If you would like to become a client, please contact...

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EM Capital Outflows Gather Pace

We discussed in April that global reserve assets had begun to fall on an annual basis.  This has continued, and the level of contraction is now as great as it has been since at least 2004. Capital flight from EM is gathering pace as growth slows and fear mounts over...

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Spanish Economy Remains on Cyclical Upswing

For all of Spain’s entrenched structural issues (as we detailed in our April thematic, Spain – Still a Hole in Europe’s Balance Sheet), leading economic data continues to point towards a cyclical recovery in Spain. Real M1 is growing at 15% YoY, consumer confidence is...

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Keep Your Eyes On Aussie Housing Leading Indicators

(from our Tactical from July 14th) We continue to focus on Australian housing leading indicators to help with timing on our structurally bearish Australia outlook, set out in our March thematic Aussie Housing and Banking Boomerang.  Lower rates in Australia are...

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Investors fully invested, but negative

We have a buy signal on AAII sentiment. Bearish retail sentiment often offers contrarian signals to enter the market and as the top two chart shows there are very few bears at the moment according to the AAII survey. This argues for a short term bounce. However,...

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