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What CDS Markets are Discounting

While equities and commodities have collapsed, alongside widening corporate credit spreads, sovereign CDS have not reacted to the coronavirus crisis as might be expected. CDS spreads have widened, but current spreads pale in comparison to the 2008 financial crisis...

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The Perfect Storm for Oil is Far From Clearing

Oil prices surged at the end of last week off the back of President Trump’s tweet that signalled production cuts had been agreed with Saudi Arabia and Russia. Despite the +40% move, Brent is still down 50% on the year. Longer-dated futures contracts haven’t reacted to...

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Narrative Shift Depends on Virus

Earlier this month, the S&P and gold both collapsed on the same trading day, which is extremely rare. The top-left chart shows that in the past 20 years, the only times gold was down more than 3% while the S&P is down more than 5% was last week and back in...

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