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Data Confirms Short View on Australian Dollar

We have been bearish on the Australian dollar for structural reasons for most of this year. Iron ore prices fell away in September due to China’s attempts to fight pollution as well as over-supply from Australia. More recently, we have seen coincident data rolling...

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Variant Perception’s Leading Indicator Watch

Each month, we produce a report which we call our Leading Indicator Watch. In it we update all our main leading indicators that give us leads on global growth, liquidity, commodities, US growth, US consumption, US manufacturing, corporate profits, volatility and...

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Watch the Real Yield Curve

A real yield curve is an indicator of risk appetite. Persistently negative real yields are often a precursor to extended levels of leverage and credit bubbles. When they start to rise they point to tightening financial conditions which stresses firms’ equity, causing...

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Nosebleed Valuations Persist in US High Yield

In August, we had reviewed a few charts showing that US high yield valuations were divorced from fundamentals, as well as to other yield products. This week, refreshing those charts, we can see that things are just as bad. US high yield seems to be the most vulnerable...

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The Yield Curve and Volatility

Falling liquidity was one of the principal reasons behind our call for a flatter US yield curve this year. Excess liquidity often drops towards the end of an expansion. At the same time the relative demand for credit falls, while the central bank is reacting to...

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