When I think about creating a great service, a quote by Czech writer Karel Capek comes to mind: “A garden is never finished. In that sense it is like the human world and all human undertakings”.

At Variant Perception we strive to improve upon yesterday, from the quality of our content to how it is consumed. Money is being managed according to our framework and we understand the challenges faced today by investors. We care deeply about optimizing the client’s user experience to make their job easier.

When considering how we can improve our service, we initially think about things that enable our clients to do more. However, an equally important question is: what could we help our clients stop doing?

This summer we made the following updates:

  • We made our insights more accessible and made it easier for our clients to decide whether or not they want to read the full piece.
  • One of our guiding principles is “less is more”. We made our reports less visually taxing. Focusing on key charts and proactively reducing the amount of text.
  • We believe simple is better. So we simplified our service to two report types: VP Portfolio Watch (actionable ideas, twice a week, powered by VP’s leading indicators) and VP Thematic (hunting for the next big idea, based on data and qualitative deep dive).

We welcome feedback and client interaction, it’s the starting point for any iteration of our service. If you have any feedback or would like a trial of our updated service, please email: info@variantperception.com

By Josh G (Sales)

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