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Variant Perception offers leading macroeconomic and market insights to clients making trading, investment, inventory management, capital spending and strategic decisions.

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VP Macro

Global macroeconomic trend analysis. Monthly, weekly and breaking views.

> Monthly– Published at the beginning of each month, an in-depth look at themes and trends in the global economy.

> Thematic – Breaking views on macro subjects, released as the need and opportunity arises

VP Leading

Published monthly, proprietary leading indicator forecasts of country and sectoral changes.

> Indicator Watch – A monthly roundup of our leading indicators, forecasting conditions in specific areas of the global economy, arranged by geography and sector.

VP Tactical

Portfolio and trade ideas via sentiment and valuation models. Published weekly.

> Tactical Charts – A weekly report highlighting a broad suite of tools developed by Variant Perception, helping traders and money managers identify short-term and medium-term tops and bottoms in markets.